FWGA Guide for New Members 2

STEP 1 – New Member Questionnaire

The New Member Questionnaire provides information to make the new member a part of FWGA and get her out there playing golf as soon as possible.

  • The Casual Play Coordinator will add the new member to her chosen Casual Play Groups in Punchbowl.

  • Your name and email address will be added to the FWGA MailChimp account for FWGA Newsletters.The

  • Membership Chair –
    1. She will verify that the information in Member Planet and GHIN is correctShe will include an announcement in the next newsletter with profile information for members to manually add to their FWGA Member Directory. She will add the new member to the FWGA Member Diretory to be included in next year’s printing.
Click to complete the New Member Questionnaire

STEP 2 -Stay Informed

mailchimpicondownloadFWGA communicates with its members and sends out a monthly newsletter using an email marketing platform called Mailchimp.
Sign Up Genius is used to organize Casual Play Hostess sign ups (instead of back and forth emails).
FWGA also communicates using Member Planet. Member Planet is a member management software program used by all NCGA clubs.
Casual Play invitations are emailed using Punchbowl. Punchbowl is an RSVP online party invitation program.

All four of these programs have strong anti-spam protections for you.  If you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive communications from FWGA.  Because of the anti-spam feature, we are unable to add you back to the lists.  Please do not unsubscribe from any of these platforms.

STEP 3 – Learn How to Use Punchbowl for Casual Play

Punchbowl has a desktop program and a phone app. The set up is slightly different. Please follow the Punchbowl Account Set-Up video as a guide. The phone app and the desktop program provide the user a “Dashboard” that shows all their casual play events on one screen. That way, members do not have to sift through their email to find yesterdays invitations.

Set up your account using the same email address used for your FWGA membership. As punchbowl invitations for casual play are emailed, they will show up in the punchbowl app.

If you would like to be added to another group after the questionnaire has been submitted, send an email to the group coordinator. The email addresses are at the bottom of the Casual Play Schedule.

Please click on the video to learn all about Punchbowl.

Click to View “Punchbowl Account Set Up” Video
Click to View “How To Use Punchbowl” Video

STEP 4 – Golf Etiquette and Pace of Play

Golf etiquette and pace of play are almost more important than the rules of golf. Many people take their golf etiquette very seriously (some not so much). It’s better to be prepared to play with the serious one.

Pace of play is very important. The rules of golf were revised in 2019 just to improve pace of play. Please familiarize yourself with the etiquette and pace of play rules before signing up for casual play.

Click to View Golf Etiquette and Pace of Play

STEP 5 – Learn the Rules of Golf

The rules of golf can be overwhelming. As you play golf you will learn them.

Watch video to learn SITUATIONS & PENALTIES

Carry your Situations and Options card in your golf bag for reference.

Click to View 8 Common Situations & Options

STEP 6 – Learn About Posting Your Score

You can post your score using the golf course kiosk, the GHIN app, or online at GHIN.com. They are all the same. The NCGA will mail a membership card with your name and GHIN number.

Click to go to the Posting Guidelines page

STEP 7 – Dress the Part

Some golf courses are very strict about the dress code. Although women’s golf fashion is changing to include items not recognized before, some things are never allowed.

Please refer to the golf attire guide for guidance.

Click to go to the Golf Attire Guide page

STEP 8 – Learn About All Things FWGA

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