Casual Play Schedule

Day Date Golf Course Tee Times
Monday/Tuesday 18-Hole Tuesday Dec 18 Callippe 10:04, 10:12
Wednesday Twilight (April thru October)
Thursday/Friday 9-Hole Friday Dec 14 Boundary Oak 12:05, 12:13
Friday 18-Hole Friday Dec 14 Franklin Canyon 9:26, 9:38
Saturday/Sunday 9-Hole Saturday Dec 15 Diablo Hills 9:44, 9:53
Saturday/Sunday 18-Hole Sunday Dec 16 Diablo Creek 11:28, 11:36

2019 FWGA Casual Play Golf Calendar

The FWGA Casual Play Schedule is planned and organized by FWGA volunteers.   FWGA members sign up for their chosen casual play groups.   Members of each group are required to act as hostess twice each year.

FWGA uses Whoozin to manage the weekly casual play groups.   The volunteer Hostess is encouraged to use Whoozin.   Please go to the Hostess Duties page for a complete description of hostess duties with a step-by-step instructional video called “I’m Hostess Next Week…What Do I Do?”.

To be added to the email distribution list and volunteer as hostess for a specific group, please contact the Casual Play Coordinators:

Casual Play Chairperson Yvonne Perkins
         Monday/Tuesday 18-Hole Sharon Panagotacos
         Wednesday Twilight Jill Martin-Smith
         Thursday/Friday 9-Hole Peg Keffer
         Friday 18-Hole Linda Rothchild
         Saturday/Sunday 9-Hole Junko Nagatani
         Saturday/Sunday 18-Hole Charlotte Moon