FWGA Casual Play

What is FWGA Casual Play?
FWGA Casual Play is exactly that, casual golf. It’s a fun day with fellow FWGA golfers to just enjoy golf and meet new people. It is not played under tournament rule constraints. The Hostess chooses the golf course and then members are invited using the Punchbowl invitation app. The courses played range from Rancho Solano in Fairfield to Poppy Ridge in Livermore. Occasionally, private club members will host a “member for a day” casual play outing. The advantages of FWGA Casual Play:

  • Members can play up to 6 days a week; 52 weeks each year.
  • Members can relax and focus on their game without the tournament head-game pressure.
  • An opportunity to play at courses that you have never played at before.
  • Members keep their own score.

Casual Play Area Map – Click to See Larger

To participate in FWGA Casual Play, a contact phone number is required to be listed next to your name in Punchbowl.

Current FWGA Casual Play Reservations
Hostess Date Day Golf Course
Mon/Tues 18-Hole Sharon Panagotacos Sept 20 Mon Blue Rock Springs West
Mon/Tues 18-Hole LaLani Rapp Oct 4 Mon Poppy Ridge
Wednesday Twilight Debbie Hellmann Sept 22 Wed Boundary Oak
Thurs/Fri 9 or 18-Hole Yvette Pezzaglia Sept 23 Thurs Diablo Creek
Friday 18-Hole Alice Hansen Sept 24 Fri Rancho Solano
Friday 18-Hole Linda Rothchild Oct 1 Fri Canyon Lakes
Sat 9-Hole LaLani Rapp Sept 25 Sat Diablo Hills
Sat/Sun 18-Hole
For Tee Time details, please refer to your individual Punchbowl Account.
Please see the “Punchbowl Account Set Up” video below for directions on how to set up your individual punchbowl account.

Click to View “Punchbowl Account Set Up” Video

Click to View the “How To Use Punchbowl” Video

The FWGA Casual Play Schedule is planned and organized by FWGA volunteers.  FWGA members sign up for their chosen casual play groups.   Members of each group are required to act as hostess twice each year. We use a program called Punchbowl to manage the casual play groups online.

To be added to the Punchbowl email invitation list, please contact the Casual Play Coordinators listed at the bottom of this page. To volunteer to host, please click on the SignUpGenius calendar below.

FWGA 2021 Casual Play Hostess CalendarClick to View / Sign-Up
The SignUpGenius program makes Casual Play Hostess signups convenient and easy.
To sign up to host:

  • Click on the calendar image at the right.
  • View the available signups using the “calendar” view or “list” view. In calendar view, if the day already has a hostess signed up, it will say “SLOTS FULL”. Slots full only means that there is a hostess; it does not mean there is not room to sign up to play. In list view, the hostess name will appear beside the casual play group/date.
  • To sign up, click on the “sign-up” button on any available day.
  • The Casual Play Coordinators can easily look at the SignUpGenius calendar to see who is hosting.
  • The SignUpGenius program will send a reminder to the hostess 2 weeks before their big day.
  • A hostess can easily make changes to their signups through their own SignUpGenius account.

2021 Hostess Sign Ups

2022 Hostess Sign Ups

Sign Up Genius Tutorial Videos

Hostess Sign Ups Using SignUpGenius

SignUp Genius Account Set Up

How to Delete a Hostess Sign Up

FWGA 2021 Casual Play Coordinators FWGA 2022 Casual Play Coordinators
Monday/Tuesday 18-Hole Sharon Panagotacos
Wednesday Twilight Debbie Hellmann & Debbie Butler Debbie Hellmann & Jill Martin-Smith
Thursday 9-Hole Junko Nagatani Junko Nagatani
Friday 18-Hole Linda Rothchild Linda Rothchild
Saturday/Sunday 18-Hole Charlotte Moon
Saturday/Sunday 9-Hole Peg Keffer Peg Keffer
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