FWGA Board of Directors

Name Position Contact Info
Jen Shaull President Contact Form
Denise Qualls Vice-President Contact Form
LaLani Rapp Website, Membership Communications@ForeWomenGolf.org
       Kay Middleton Membership Info@ForeWomenGolf.org
Kathi Kling Treasurer Treasurer@ForeWomenGolf.org
Shelly Kopp Secretary
Terri Malatesta Events Events@ForeWomenGolf.org
Therese Johnson Tournaments Tournaments@ForeWomenGolf.org
       Diane King Club & Players Championship Contact Form
       Charlotte Moon NCGA Tournaments Contact Form
       Denise Qualls PWGA Tournament Rep Contact Form
Joan McCarthy – North
Nancy Dulcan – South
Member Ambassadors EmergingGolfers@ForeWomenGolf.org
LaLani Rapp NCGA Club Ambassador Communications@ForeWomenGolf.org
Alice Hansen Handicaps and Clinics HandicapRules@ForeWomenGolf.org
       Alice Hansen Handicap HandicapRules@ForeWomenGolf.org
       Alice Hansen Rules HandicapRules@ForeWomenGolf.org
       Debbie Hellmann Clinics FWGAClinics@gmail.com
Yvonne Perkins Casual Play CasualPlay@ForeWomenGolf.org
       Charlotte Moon 18-Hole Weekend Weekend18Hole@Gmail.com
18-Hole Weekday Weekday18Hole@Gmail.com
       Junko Nagatani 9-Hole Weekend Weekend9Hole@Gmail.com
       Fran Davis 9-Hole Weekday Weekday9Hole@Gmail.com
       Linda Rothchild 18-Hole Friday Friday18Hole@Gmail.com
       Debbie Butler Twilight Coordinator TwilightWednesday@Gmail.com

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