FWGA Board of Directors

Name Position Contact Info
Jen Shaull President Contact Form
Kay Middleton Membership Info
LaLani Rapp Website, Membership Communications
Kathi Kling Treasurer
Shelly Kopp Secretary
Terri Malatesta Events Events
Therese Johnson Tournaments Tournaments
       Liz Riddle Club Championship Chair Contact Form
Diane King Charities Contact Form
Open Member Ambassador EmergingGolfers
LaLani Rapp NCGA Tournaments Contact Form
Alice Hansen Handicaps and Clinics HandicapRules
       Alice Hansen Handicap Chair HandicapRules
       Debbie Hellmann Clinics FWGAClinics@gmail.com
Yvonne Perkins Casual Play CasualPlay
       Charlotte Moon 18-Hole Weekend Weekend18Hole@Gmail.com
       Sharon Panagotacos 18-Hole Weekday Weekday18Hole@Gmail.com
       Junko Nagatani 9-Hole Weekend Weekend9Hole@Gmail.com
       Fran Davis 9-Hole Weekday Weekday9Hole@Gmail.com
       Linda Rothchild 18-Hole Friday Friday18Hole@Gmail.com
       Debbie Butler Twilight Coordinator TwilightWednesday@Gmail.com
FWGA Board of Directors Year End Dinner at Scotts Seafood

2017 Board of Directors Year End Dinner

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