Update Member Profile

Step 1: Login

From the ForeWomenGolf.org website, select Member Planet Log In from the drop down menu or click Member Planet Log-In.


Step 2: Go to Dashboard Settings
From the Member Dashboard, click on the broken square in the corner of your picture.  This will open the settings page. Please review each setting for accuracy. If you need to update at item, click the edit button to the right of each item.

Step 3: Update Profile Settings

Basic Info
: Please update everything except prefix, maiden name. Social media connections are completely voluntary.  A picture is nice.
Location and Contact: Please update everything except Hometown.
Additional Information: Updated from GHIN.com.
Education: Voluntary.
Employment: Voluntary.
Family: Voluntary.
Payments: Please enter your credit card information. (this will be available as soon as our banking connections have been fully integrated).
Privacy: Please review each personal item and make a privacy decision. The choices are:

  • Anyone in my group – To enable other members to connect with you; please choose phone number, mailing address and email address. Items designated with the security setting of “Anyone in my Group” will be included in the group directory.
  • Admins – Only the FWGA Board of Directors will be able to see these items.
  • Private – Only you will be able to see these items.
  • At the bottom of the page, please choose “I want to be included in group directories” and then click the SAVE CHANGES button.

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