Update Member Profile

Basic Info: Please update everything except prefix, maiden name. Social media connections are completely voluntary.  A picture is nice.
Location and Contact: Please update everything except Hometown.
Additional Information: Updated from GHIN.com.
Education: Voluntary.
Employment: Voluntary.
Family: Voluntary.
Payments: Please enter your credit card information if you want Member Planet to store your information.
Privacy: Please review each personal item and make a privacy decision. The choices are:

  • Anyone in my group – To enable other members to connect with you; please choose phone number, mailing address and email address. Items designated with the security setting of “Anyone in my Group” will be included in the group directory.
  • Admins – Only the FWGA Board of Directors will be able to see these items.
  • Private – Only you will be able to see these items.
  • At the bottom of the page, please choose “I want to be included in group directories” and then click the SAVE CHANGES button.