Situations & Penalties

Situation Penalty
Ground club in bunker 2
Ground club in red or yellow penalty area. none
Hit the flagstick in the hole. Play the ball where it lies. none
Remove the dew on the putting green to improve lie. 2
Player does not drop from knee height. No penalty, just drop again correctly. none
Player anchors the putter to their body during their swing. 2
Player’s club accidentally hits the ball more than once during a single stroke. none
Accidentally move a player’s ball on the putting green. Just put it back. none
Play the wrong ball. 2
Remove sand and plant matter from green to improve lie. none
Repair pitch marks, cleat marks and other damage on green to improve lie. none
Giving advice or asking for advice. 2
Move the ball out of a divot. Not free. Not considered Ground Under Repair. 1
Accidentally move the ball while searching. Just put it back. none
Remove embedded ball on the fairway or in the rough. none
Ball hits player or player’s equipment. none