Coordinator Duties

The Casual Play Coordinator organizes the Hostess volunteers. The Coordinator will ask members on their Casual Play List to volunteer to host 2 times each year.  The dates of play for each casual play group are determined by the Casual Play Chairperson, Pat White.

  • Sign-ups can either be communicated using Sign-Up Genius or by emailing an excel spreadsheet with the scheduled dates to all members on the Casual Play List.   The Casual Play Chairperson will supply each Coordinator with an excel spreadsheet for their group at the beginning of the year.  Some dates will already be filled…some will not.
Hostess Reminders
  • The Coordinator will email a reminder to the Hostess at least a week before the event date.
Event Communication
  • After receiving event details from the Hostess, the Coordinator can communicate the information to everyone on the Casual Play List through:
    1. Email – Send an email to everyone on the Casual Play List with the following details:
      1. Day and Date
      2. Golf Course Location
      3. Tee Times
      4. Pro Shop phone number
      5. Cost to walk and ride
      6. An email link to reply directly to the Hostess
      7. Reminder to arrive at least 20 minutes before the tee time
    2. Whoozin – If the Coordinator chooses to use Whoozin, see the basic set up instructions below.

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