Fore Women Golf Association

FWGA Yocha Dehe Tournament

FWGA 18-Hole Invitational Tournament*
Sunday, April 26, 2020 – 11:00

Stats from Red (Taluka) Tees (Women): Par:72 Yards: 5307
Rating: 70.5 Slope: 123
Stats from White (Ch’ama) Tees (Men): Par:72 Yards: 6310
Rating: 71.4 Slope: 131
Course Architect:
Course Address:
Pro Shop Phone:
Brad Bell
14455 Highway 16, Brooks, CA 95606
(take the course tour online)

Yocha Dehe is certainly a course you want to add to your “golf courses to be played life list”. Yocha Dehe has impeccable playing surfaces, gorgeous scenery and remarkable facilities – practice facility and pro shop.

It has been “Best of Golf Advisor” from 2015 through 2018 and Golf Week places it in the top 100 Resort Courses, Top 50 Casino Course and Best in California. How can you turn this opportunity down?

Check out their website to take the course tour and to read about the good works of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. And….maybe reserve a room for the day before the tournament at their 4-Diamond, 4-Star hotel!

Member Fee: $ 129.00
Guest Fee:     $ 129.00

Registration deadline is April 8, 2020

Tournament Coordinator(s): Shelly Kopp & Kathi Kling

*NOTE: For FWGA Invitational, out-of-town tournaments, you are invited to ask friends, relatives, spouses or partners to come play in these events.

What is Net Double Bogey?

A “Net Double Bogey” is Par+2+Pops. Net Double Bogey is the maximum you can post on each hole. ESC is no longer used.

The posting maximum (Net Double Bogey) for each hole is also used to speed up pace of play. In casual play situations, you can pick up when you reach your max on any given hole.

Watch this video on the Fore Women Golf’s YouTube Channel. Just click the image to load. The video illustrates in detail using the USGA GHIN app:

  1. How to find the Course Handicap
  2. How to Pop the scorecard with the Course Handicap
  3. How to calculate the “Maximum Allowed” per hole (Net Double Bogey)
  4. How to post the Adjusted Gross Score as a Total
  5. How to post using the Hole-by-Hole feature

A video illustrating how to post your score with Advanced Stats (Putts, GIRs, Driving Accuracy).

Want to learn more about the World Handicap System? Go to the World Handicap System page on the Fore Women Golf website at

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