Post A Score

The easiest way to post a score is to go to, use the NCGA app, go to, or use the GHIN app. All that is needed to post a score is the GHIN number, Last Name and the ESC adjusted score. See the Handicap page for Equitable Stroke Control Guidelines.

Input Screen at


Date of the round of golf.


Home, Away or Tournament –  If you are posting a tournament score, use T.  As far as home versus away, there’s no clear definition of what circumstances you would use away and home.  Generally if you are posting a score as a club member that has a physical golf course home, use H.  FWGA does not have a golf course home; but, local courses you play often should be designated as H.


18 or 9.  Two nines will be combined to create 18 by the GHIN system.

Rating/Slope Entry:

Whenever possible use the Course/Tee option.  NCGA has course and tee ratings for all courses.  You will notice sometimes the NCGA course/slope rating is different from what is printed on the score card.  The NCGA rating is the most current and accurate.


State where course is located.  Also narrows the search in the database.

Starts With:

First letter of the golf course.  This will narrow the choices that are listed in the drop down menu.


Pick the course from the drop down menu.  If it is not listed, you will need to go back up and click Manual and then manually enter the Course and Slope rating from the score card.


Select the tees corresponding to the chosen course.  If entering 9 holes, be sure to pick either the front or back as their ratings are different.

ESC Score:

This is the Gross Score adjusted for Equitable Stroke Control.

Here are some general guidelines on when to post and when not to. If this list does not cover your situation, contact the FWGA handicap chair for further guidance.

YES,  Post these scores
  • Scores from home and away courses.
  • Scores in all forms of play; match play, stroke play, even team competitions in which you are requested to pick up.
  • A score from two nines even if it’s the same nine, or nines from different days.
  • Score from a single nine. Each nine holes on a golf course has its own Course Rating and Slope Rating. Two nine-hole scores will eventually be combined to create an 18-hole score and be designated with the letter “C.”
DO NOT Post these scores
  • If you played fewer than 13 holes. (Remember you still have an acceptable 9-hole score.)
  • When you play in a competition limiting the types of clubs used, such as a one-club or irons-only tournament.
  • When an 18-hole course is less than 3,000 yards long.
  • When a majority of the holes aren’t played under the Rules of Golf, as in a “scramble.”
  • “Inactive season” scores. Caveat: If a round is played on a course that is observing an inactive season, that score is unacceptable for handicap purposes. However, if a member whose golf club is currently observing an inactive season plays at a course observing an active season, that score must be posted. Please visit Sections 6-2, 8-3c, and Decision 6-2/1 of the USGA Handicap System manual for further information.
  • Playing two or more balls as practice at a small, local 9-hole course in lieu of going to the driving range. This is practice play and should be treated the same as practice at the driving range.

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