Whoozin Hostess

The Hostess can either log-in to Whoozin using the Event Account Holder’s email and password or view the event from the invitation and click on:

It is the Hostess’s responsibility to monitor signups and make decisions regarding:

  1. Answering any questions.
  2. Sending out a follow-up invitation if there are spots available.
  3. Cancelling the second tee time if necessary a least a day before the event.
  4. Coordinating any weather related issues.
  5. Cancelling the event in Whoozin and notifying the entire group.

To send an email message to the group through Whoozin, click on the Email/Reinvite button in the Administrator Panel:

From the pop-up window, you can select the recipients from those that have RSVP’d “In” or “Maybe”, everyone who has been invited or everyone who has not RSVP’d:

To cancel the event, click on the “Cancel/Delete” button in the Administrator Panel. From the pop-up window, you can select to Cancel and notify members: