Situations, Options & Penalties

Situation Options
1. Out of Bounds – White Stakes B
2. Lost Ball – Ball is not “lost” if hit into a water or lateral hazard. B
3. Unplayable Lie  B, C or E
4. Water Hazard – Yellow Stakes

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B or E
5. Lateral Water Hazard – Red Stakes 

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B, D or E
6. Hitting the wrong ball A or M
7. Grounding club in hazard A or M
8. Giving or asking advice A or M
9. Abnormal ground condition (casual water, ground under repair, animal holes, etc.)  F
10. Artificial Obstruction interfering with stance, swing, or lie  F
11. Ball hits self or equipment N
Option Options & Penalties
A TWO stroke penalty
B Go back and hit from original lie – ONE stroke penalty
C Drop ball (no closer to the hole) within 2 club lengths from where the ball lies – ONE stroke penalty
D Drop the ball within two club lengths from red stakes at point where ball last entered hazard, no closer to the hole – ONE stroke penalty
E Imagine a straight line from flagstick going back to where the ball lies and drop on that line as far back as you want – ONE stroke penalty
F Nearest point of complete relief plus one club length – NO penalty
Do not pick up the ball until certain you want to take relief.  Note:  Nearest point of relief could be worse as in a bush or down a steep hill.  Free relief from man-made obstruction only is allowed.

  1. Find nearest point of relief by pretending to set up to an imaginary ball with the club you will use for the shot (no closer to the Hole), giving no interference to stance, lie or intended swing.
  2. Mark the imaginary ball with a tee.
  3. Lay any club down (no nearer the hole) and mark again at the end of the club with a tee.
  4. Pick up club and drop ball betweeen the two tees.  You get two tries to drop and land the ball within the rules.  If not successful, you may place the ball where it contacted the course on your second drop.
M Loss of hole – match play
N ONE stroke penalty

Ball may be cleaned when lifted

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