Fore Women Golf Association

FWGA Event Calendar

Never miss a deadline!

Easily plan your year with FWGA! Go to to see the new FWGA Event Calendar. Everything planned for the whole year with FWGA is listed on the event calendar.
Just click on an event and you will be taken to:

  1. the appropriate FWGA registration page on,
  2. to a flyer with registration instructions, or
  3. to another website.

The link to the event calendar is always on the home page in the right margin.
You can also get to the event calendar using the horizontal menu.

Multiple Club Membership Rebate

Unfortunately, membership in NCGA (Northern California Golf Association) or WGANC (Women’s Golf Association of Northern California) clubs does not qualify for a rebate. The NCGA does not offer a fee rebate for multiple NCGA Club memberships.

The PWGA (Pacific Women’s Golf Association) is offering a $20 rebate to members that belong to more than one PWGA club. Please click PWGA Online Rebate to submit a rebate request for 2018 to the PWGA.  Rebates will begin March 1st and go through August 1st, 2018. Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing.