FWGA Member Handbook

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Table of Contents

Welcome to FWGA!
FWGA Communications
Member Planet
Member Planet Address Book
Event Calendar
Casual Play
Casual Play Schedule
How to get added to the Casual Play Groups
How to Use Whoozin
General Responsibilities: Playing
General Responsibilities: Hosting
Index and Handicap Guidelines
Establishing Your Handicap Index
Course Handicap and Equitable Stroke Control
Posting Guidelines
Social & Fundraising Events
General Meeting
Annual Awards and Fundraising Event
Holiday Brunch
FWGA Tournaments
Types of Tournaments
Tournament Registration
Tournament Play
Welcome to Fore Women Golf (FWGA)!
FWGA began in early 1996. Our mission statement “To provide opportunity for women to play golf with other women and to have fun while engaging in quality experiences.” has been our guiding principle. We offer both educational and social opportunities in addition to great golf. You may choose to join our many casual play groups, play tournaments, take a clinic, or join the Emerging Golfers Group. There is something for everyone! Learn about our events by visiting our web site.

You have joined a large and diverse group of women who enjoy all aspects of golf. FWGA members play at all levels ranging from the beginner to the experienced player. We have high indexes, low indexes and no indexes. Whatever your ability, you will find a place in FWGA.

FWGA is an associate club of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA), we are not affiliated with any particular golf course. We typically offer five or more opportunities to play at a wide range of courses during most weeks of the year.

FWGA is an all-volunteer organization. Through our many talented volunteers we are able to offer diverse activities. Please consider volunteering in an area that interests you. It is a great way to meet other members.

We look forward to seeing you on the course and, again… WELCOME TO FWGA!

FWGA Communications
Communications from FWGA are emailed to each member. FWGA will communicate using Member Planet, Whoozin and MailChimp.

  • Member Planet is used to send general reminders about upcoming deadlines, Board of Director officer election ballots and Information about annual membership renewal.
  • MailChimp is a secure email service used to send email about everything including the FWGA Monthly Newsletter, tournament news and information about social events. All members are automatically signed up to receive email from FWGA through MailChimp.
  • Whoozin is used to send out casual play invitations.

Please do not unsubscribe from these services as you will be cut off from all communications from FWGA.

Member Planet
Member Planet is a service provided by the NCGA for member clubs.  MemberPlanet is an easy-to-use membership management software that helps groups and organizations of any size communicate, manage members, and process payments.  Members will join and renew their FWGA/NCGA membership through Member Planet. It is important that all members are able to access their Member Planet accounts with a workable password. Please view the video at right if you need help to set or reset your password.

Member Planet also offers credit card processing at a reduced rate for member clubs. FWGA uses the MP credit card service to process renewals, registration for social events and tournaments.

Member Planet Address Book
Member Planet offers a special site to look up fellow members phone numbers and email addresses. This is a secure site so members must login to member planet to view the address book. Click on the picture link at left to go to the Member Planet Address Book. This would be a good site to bookmark.
Event Calendar
The FWGA Event Calendar can be accessed from the Resources tab on the ForeWomenGolf.org website. The Event Calendar includes all FWGA Tournaments and Social Events as well as NCGA Events and Special Events (like the Breast Cancer Fundraising Tournament). Each event has a link to the Member Planet registration page, NCGA Golf Genius Registration page or a paper PDF flyer.
Click this link, FWGA Event Calendar, to go to the page on the website.
Click the video at the right for instructions on “How to Register for an FWGA Event”.
Casual Play Schedule
The Casual Play Schedule page is located under the Casual Play tab on the ForeWomenGolf.org website. As invitations are emailed, this page is updated to give members a week-at-a-glance view of all the casual play. Each event has a link to the Whoozin Event Page.

The color coded calendar is the Casual Play Hostess schedule for the year. If you forget your hostess date, check the Casual Play Hostess Calendar. Just click the calendar picture on the website to load the pdf. New members are not required to host the first year of membership.

Click the picture at the left to go to the Casual Play Schedule page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website.

How to Get Added to the Casual Play Groups
After new members complete the New Member Questionnaire online at ForeWomenGolf.org/Join Us, it is automatically routed to the Casual Play Chair. She will add the new members to the chosen casual play groups on Whoozin. If a member wishes to be added to a group, they can also contact the Casual Play Coordinators listed at the bottom of the Casual Play Schedule page on the website.
How to Use Whoozin
FWGA uses an online program called Whoozin to manage the casual play invitations. Whoozin is a party invitation program. Each casual play group has their own Whoozin group with their own list of invitees. After the hostess volunteer schedules a tee time, she informs the casual play group coordinator who then sets up the event on Whoozin. Whoozin will then send out invitations to their group list. As invitations are received by members, they either RSVP In or Out. The Whoozin program will send out reminders for those that have not rsvp’d as the event date approaches and will also send out a different reminder to those that have rsvp’d In.

Click the video on the left to view a promotional video about Whoozin on their Facebook page. No need to sign in to Facebook to view.

Click the video on the right for instructions on “How to Use Whoozin”.

General Responsibilities: Playing
Once you have signed up to play, your general responsibilities are the usual:

General Responsibilities: Hosting
Each member is required to be the “hostess” for 2 casual play events for each of their active casual play groups. New members are not required to host their first year of membership. See the Hosting Duties page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website for a detailed description of the hosting duties.
FWGA offers 8 to 10 skills clinics each year for our members. The clinics are at various golf courses in the area and are taught by the golf course professionals. Whoozin is used to invite all members to attend the clinics. Each clinic is limited to 8 to 12 attendees. A small fee of $20 to $25 is paid directly to the golf course professional. Please see the Clinics page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website for a listing of the clinics for the year.

The NCGA offers free clinics at local golf courses. Please see NCGA Free Skills Clinics page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website. Members must register for these clinics directly with the NCGA. Just click on the registration link on the page.

Establishing Your Handicap Index
For 2019, a new golfer must post at least 5 18-hole rounds (2 9-hole rounds will be combined for 1 18-hole round) of golf for the GHIN program to calculate a handicap index. GHIN automatically updates all handicap indexes on the 1st and 15th of every month. So as soon as you post the minimum number of rounds, your new index will be calculated on the upcoming change date. The handicap index is the number of strokes above par. The index enables golfers of different abilities to compete with each other on a level playing field.

Starting in 2020, a new golfer must post at least 3 18-hole rounds to establish an index. The handicap system is currently undergoing a major change. The handicap system the NCGA uses is GHIN. Other golf associations use a different system and other countries use different systems as well. Currently there are 8 handicap systems in use around the world. The World Handicap System strives to have everyone use the same system. This new system will be implemented in 2020.

For now, please go to the Handicap Index page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website for a description of how to establish a handicap index.

Course Handicap and Equitable Stroke Control
The handicap index is a representation of a golfer’s potential scoring ability. This potential can be wiped out with just one disastrous hole or round of golf. To compensate for this, we have Equitable Stroke Control. ESC is our friend. ESC dictates the maximum number of strokes we can post for any given hole. ESC protects us from that disastrous hole and a disastrous round distorting our handicap index and our potential scoring ability.

Golfer’s never play with their raw or unadjusted handicap index. It is a starting point. The unadjusted handicap index is based on a slope rating of 113. If you play a course with a slope rating higher than 113, you get strokes added to your raw index and lower than 113, strokes are taken away. The easiest way to calculate the course handicap is to use the NCGA App. Using the app, enter the golf course slope rating using the slider to get the course handicap.

After the course handicap is calculated, use the chart on the right to determine any adjustments to your final score. So in this example, with a handicap index of 40.4 playing at a course with a slope rating of 124, the course handicap is 44. Based on the chart, I can not post more than 10 strokes for any hole. So if I had 12 strokes on a hole, I would only post a 10 for that hole. This is called the ESC score.

Golfer’s are required to post only the ESC Adjusted Score on GHIN. For more details, please see the Handicap Index page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website.

Staring in 2020, the World Handicap System will change this calculation.

Posting Guidelines
All golfer’s must post their ESC Adjusted Score. See the Posting Guidelines page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website for a listing of which scores that should not be posted and directions on the mechanics of posting a score to GHIN.

The easiest way to post is to use the NCGA app. Golfer’s should post their scores after each round. Starting in 2020, the World Handicap System will recalculate the handicap index on a daily basis instead of on the 1st and 15th of the month. Timely posting will be even more important.

Social and Fundraising Events
FWGA hosts 3 Social Events each year.

The General Meeting in March kicks off the new year.

  • Members enjoy a catered brunch
  • Board members introduce themselves and give a short presentation.
  • A Guest Speaker is scheduled to present golf related information.
  • Members can pick up their FWGA Address Books and Tournament Schedules.
  • Members volunteer to coordinate the upcoming tournaments.
  • Members sign up to host casual play event dates.
  • Members can purchase golf clothing and accessories.
  • Pick up the new USGA Rules of Golf Handbook.

The Annual Golf Tournament and Fundraiser in October is our time to give back to the community and have a little fun as well.

  • Members can bid on auction items (golf courses, golf instructor classes, golf accessories, etc.) in the silent and live auction to support the years chosen charity.
  • Buy raffle tickets.
  • Participate in the Costume and Cart Decorating Contests
  • Play in the FWGA Annual Golf Tournament.
  • Enjoy a catered dinner.
  • Watch the presentation of year end awards, Most Improved Golfer, Volunteer of the Year, Birdie Champion, Club and Player’s Champion

The Holiday Brunch in December marks the end of a great year.

  • Members enjoy a catered Brunch.
  • The proceeds from the Fundraiser are presented to the Charity Representative.
  • Members can pick up their FWGA Address Books and Tournament Schedules.
  • Members volunteer to coordinate the upcoming tournaments.
  • Members sign up to host casual play event dates.
  • Members can purchase golf clothing and accessories.
  • Members enjoy a golf fashion show.
FWGA Tournaments
FWGA Tournaments are open to all members. There is no qualifying. Playing in Casual Play groups while observing the Rules of Golf, Etiquette and Pace of Play rules will prepare members to play under Tournament conditions. The Tournament Coordinator decides the Tournament Game Format. See the Tournament Game Formats page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website for a description of some of the most popular FWGA game formats.
Types of Tournaments
  • Local Tournaments take place at courses within easy driving distance of the majority of our members in the East Bay.
  • An Invitational Tournament is one in which members may invite their spouse, significant other, or a friend to participate. Some of these tournaments take place at a course far enough away to make an overnight stay desirable, and are referred to as “Away” Tournaments. Guests at these tournaments are not considered a GUEST for membership purposes, and, thus, may play in other Invitational or Away Tournaments during the year or any following year without having to become a member.
  • Our tournament year is capped off by the Annual Tournament, usually in October, which is a scramble format and always a fun event where we raise funds for charities.
Tournament Registration
See the FWGA Tournament Schedule on the ForeWomenGolf.org website for tournament dates, locations and registrations deadline dates. Members may register for tournaments as soon as the schedule is posted on the web site. Members can click the Member Planet registration link on the FWGA Tournament Schedule or the FWGA Event Calendar.

The registration deadline date sometimes can’t be extended because golf courses set deadlines for player numbers and prepayment of fees. If you wish to sign up after the deadline has passed, contact the Tournament Director to be put on a waiting list for cancellations. If for some reason you can’t play, please call the Tournament Director to allow those on a waiting list the opportunity to play. Your entry fee will be forfeited if you do not play and a replacement is not found.

Members are encouraged to request a cart partner.

Click the video on the right for instructions on “How to Register for an FWGA Tournament”.

Tournament Play

  • Check in at the tournament registration desk during the published check-in window of time. Registration closes 45 minutes prior to the final tee time to enable the registration volunteers the opportunity to warm up and be prepared to play at their scheduled tee times.
  • When you sign in, you will receive a tee sheet describing the format for the tournament, including information on closest to the hole competitions, other contests, tee times and pairings. One scorecard is issued per cart.
  • The Tournament Director determines whether winter rules of golf or other local rules are in effect on the day of the tournament. You will be told of their ruling when you check in.
  • Tournament participants must pick up at 10 strokes but will continue to be eligible for prizes.
  • Verified and signed scorecards should be turned in to the scorers as soon as you have completed your round of golf. In case of a tie in scores, the method of “matching score cards” will be used.
  • Players do not post their own score for tournaments. The Tournament Director will distribute the yellow posting sheet at the tournament for players to enter their Adjusted ESC Score. The Tournament Director will post each players adjusted score to GHIN.

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