GHIN Website FAQ’s

You will need to Log in to eClubhouse to access the FWGA Event Calendar, Register for Tournaments and Events, Member Roster, Renewal of Membership and to make changes to your Personal Profile.

Log In
Edit Profile
Renew Membership

Log In


GHIN Logged In

Go to Fore Women Golf eClubhouse. Enter your user name and password and click Sign In. New members use the user name and password chosen on the application form. If a member has updated their user name and password since the application stage, please use the updated user name and password.

Once logged in, the screen will look like this.
In the Select an eClubhouse drop down menu, choose Fore Women Golf Assoc. and click the purple GO button. All membership clubs that use eClubhouse will have an asterisk next to their name.

If you are unable to log in, please contact LaLani Rapp (Webmaster) as soon as possible.

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Edit Profile

Edit Profile

After logging in, click on “My Game” at the top of the Log In box. This is your eGolfer page on  This page will show your score history and handicap history.

Click “Edit Profile” in the top blue header banner.  On this page, you can make changes to:

  • mailing address
  • phone numbers
  • email address
  • user name and password
  • credit card information (click the “Update Credit Card Info” blue button)

It is important to keep all contact information current as it is the primary source of communication to you from all the eClubhouse clubs and the NCGA.

Make changes and then click “SAVE” at the bottom of the page.

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Renew Membership
  • Log in to your eGolfer account.
  • Select Fore Women Golf Assoc. from the eClubhouse drop down menu and click the purple GO button.
  • Navigation Ribbon of

  • Go to and hover over the eCluhouse menu item, from the drop down menu, click “Join/Renew Membership”. It’s ok to leave the NCGA site, will open in a new window; you will remain logged in to the NCGA site.
  • There are five sections in the update process.
  1.    Application
    1.    Update the information on this page and click “Next”
  2.    Question
    1.    Provide preferred contact number
  3.    Membership
    1.    Membership Level – Choose the appropriate Membership Level from the drop down menu
    2.    Terms of Service – Agree to Club and GHIN terms of service
    3.    Click “Next”
  4.    Payment
    1.    Verify “Membership Selected”
    2.    Select “Credit Card” for payment type
    3.    Verify and update “Billing Information”
    4.    Enter your “Credit Card Information”
    5.    Click “Finish”
  5.    Confirmation
    1.    Message – “Your registration has been submitted for approval. Thank you for submitting a member application.”
    2.    Click “Go to eClubhouse”
    3.    Once your renewal has been confirmed by the Membership Coordinator, your credit card will be charged and you will receive a confirmation email that the renewal has been completed.

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