Tournament Director’s Guide


  1. Tournament Chair will give you golf course contact information and details. This will include the terms and provisions of the contract with regards to refunds, prize funds, rain outs and adding or deleting players.
  2. Contact Golf Course Tournament Director and confirm the following:
    • FWGA’s scheduled tournament date and time with their Tournament Coordinator.
    • Time differential for pairings
    • Registration area and set up of table and  Awards area post-Tournament
    • Obtain scorecards from the golf course
  3. Contact Tournament Chair as appropriate with any questions about your Tournament’s play format.
  4. Decide on Tournament Format.


  1. Tournament Chair will provide the player list and available prize dollars. A check will be sent to Tournament Director for prize fund, including Low Net/Gross.
  2. Obtain Tournament Box and Binder containing:
    • Tournament Director’s Guide
    • Score Sheets
    • Pairing Sheets (Electronic)
    • Tournament Rules Reminder Sheets
    • Name Tags
    • Yellow Posting Sheets
    • Chip in Jar Sign Up Sheets
    • Box with Calculators/Pens/Pencils/Highlighters
    • Prize Envelopes
    • Roll of Tape
    • USGA Rules Reminders
    • NCGA Blue Book
  3. Arrange for two players who will be in charge of registration, two in charge of scoring and a photographer.


  1. Obtain the current index for participants to determine course handicap via the FWGA GHIN web site found under membership.
  2. If a player does not have a handicap, please see the handicap guidelines section for more information. If you are unable to get a player’s index, contact the HandicapChairperson, at
  3. Prepare a Tournament Information Sheet with pairings.  An electronic sample will be provided by your tournament coordinator. This will also be also given to each player at the registration desk on the day of play. See the examples in the play book and prepare an information sheet for your event. Contact the Tournament Chair if you have any questions. This will contain the following information:
    • Tee times and Foursomes
    • Tees and Tournament play format explanation
    • Tournament Rules Reminder Sheet
  4. Email the pairing sheets to the golf course Tournament Coordinator by the date stipulated in the contract.
  5. Go over “Day Of” prep and identify location of the Check-In area.
  6. I do not recommend that you let the course pop the cards.  If you choose to let them pop the cards, you will need to send them a list of the players with their handicaps.  Make sure the course knows that you will need two cards per foursome and double check the cards before issuing to players.
  7. Contact Tournament Volunteers one week before the tournament to remind them of the upcoming date and their volunteer commitments (registration, photographer, and scoring).
  8. E-mail Tournament Information Sheet to participants approximately three to five days in advance of the tournament date. Please recommend that players go to the website for a player roster to get contact information for carpooling.
  9. Prepare tournament score sheet and two (2) scorecards with handicaps, pops, etc., in keeping with the tournament format. See handicap guideline for additional information. Confer with Tournament Chair as to distribution of prize fund and Blind Draws to be used as necessary.
  10. Make a nametag for all participants. Enter names of participants in alphabetical order on the yellow sheets for posting tournament scores.
  11. Prepare score sheets with game format and placement list for winners as well as other contests such as low putts or closest to the flagstick.



Arrive 90 minutes before the 1st tee time. Introduce yourself to golf course management as the Tournament Director and:

  • Provide copy of final pairing sheet to pro shop and starter (if necessary) at the golf course.
  • Find out how checking out carts is handled.
  • Pro shop can put up a table. Must be done 45 minutes before check-in time.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the course volunteers on the day of the tournament.
  • Obtain the closest to the pin markers and tape measure from the course.


  1. Use Pairing sheet with Tee times to check in all players.
  2. Chip in Jar with sign in sheet- remind players to make a donation! TYPCIALLY THIS IS $2.
  3. Provide each 4-some with 2 Tournament Day Information sheets, one for each cart (Pairing Sheet & Tournament Rules Reminders), any giveaways, and the two official scorecards one for each cart.
  4. Remind registration team to inform the first group out to take signs and/or tape measures to appropriate holes for tournament contests, and remind last group out to pick them up.
  5. The registration team should ensure that players understand the game format, how to mark their scorecards as individuals and as a team, how to sign and attest scorecards prior to turning in.
  6. Explain to players where FWGA will1. meet after play for Awards Ceremony.
  7. Deliver the Tournament box to the pro shop once check-in duties have been completed.
  8. After Registration, please put money in a secure envelope and give to the Tournament Director or other FWGA Officer for safe keeping. Do not leave in tournament box.


1. Ensure each team tees off on time.
2. Ensure that the tournament score sheet (determined by format of the tournament) and yellow posting sheet have been placed in the “Tournament Box” for use by scorers.

Time of Play

1. One Tournament Director or Registrar may be the “FWGA starter” at the first tee.
2. Verify each foursome understands the play format and scoring.
3. Remind each foursome about FWGA pace of play.

Post Play and Scoring

1. Items needed at scoring table: Calculators, pencils with eraser, Yellow scoring sheet,Tournament score sheets, pairings/results work sheet.
2. Obtain and review the final tournament score sheet from scorers once all teams have submitted cards and determine winners.
3. Remind individuals to post their adjusted gross scores on the yellow posting sheet, not the computer terminal at the course. FWGA will post for them.
4. Make this announcement prior to awarding prizes and again at the conclusion of your presentation.
5. Encourage participation in post-tournament activities

Announcing the Winners

1. Thank everyone for participating and thank the volunteers for their assistance.
2. Announce team and individual winners as appropriate. Award prizes.
3. Announce low gross and low net scores for recognition.
4. Ask any Board Members/Committee Chairs who may be present if they have any announcements.

Guideline for photos

1. Take digital photos during event and send  to the Tournament Director to be posted on the FWGA GHIN and Face Book sites . Please assist the TD with identifying the photos. Give names in order from LEFT to RIGHT.
2. Get four to six pictures including first and second place team winners of EACH FLIGHT and any other winners such as Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin or other “colorful” situations.
3. Photos need to be in png or jpg format. Check photos on the digital camera to be sure they look OK before letting the winners leave.  No photos from cell phones.


  • Outdoor pics turn out much better than inside pics.
  • Visors and hats OFF so faces are not in shadow.
  • Get the subjects in the picture to stand close to one another.
  • Always shoot with the light behind the person taking the picture; NOT BEHIND THE SUBJECTS IN THE PICTURE!
  • If they look too dark or too light, adjust camera settings or move to another location and take the  pictures again.


1. Arrange to deliver the tournament box to the next Tournament Director check-list inside case for next tournament that gives the box.
2. Give the yellow posting sheet and one set of the scorecards to the Handicap Chairperson. If she is not present, then another board member.
3.  Email the completed tournament pairing/results work sheet, and any comments to the Director of Tournaments for FWGA record-keeping purposes.
4. Account for prize cash and return any extra to treasurer.
5.  E-mail any comments or article about the tournament for publishing to the tournament chair, and ensure 3 photos will also be sent by photographer with the following information: Date and Place, Format, Winning teams by flight, Low Gross, Low Net, Closet to Hole.

Revised 11/15/13

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