Create an Event on Whoozin

Whoozin Event Panel

There are two ways to create an event: Copy Event and New Event.  Both methods will copy the email list (without prior responses) and all the settings in the Administrator Panel.

To create an event on Whoozin:

  1. Copy Event – will copy all of the chosen event details in the Event Panel.  This includes golf course, address, etc.  This is a nice option if the golf course location has not changed.  Whoozin will prompt to update the Description, Event Date, Times, and Reminder dates.  All the details in the Event Panel can then be updated if necessary; such as Hostess name and email.
  2. New Event – will leave the Event Panel blank. Whoozin will prompt to set the Description, Event Date, Times, and Reminder dates.

Administrator Panel

Event Panel

  • When – add, “Please arrive at least 20 minutes before tee time”
  • Please RSVP by – two days before event
  • Where – Golf Course address, pro-shop phone number, yes to viewing a map
  • Host – Hostess Name with her email address
  • Custom Box – Use this feature to indicate the cost to walk and ride
  • Whoozin Organizers – Include the Hostess, Coordinator and Pat White.  Pat White will use the invitation information to post the event on the FWGA Ghin Events Calendar.

When you’re ready to see how it looks, click the Preview Event button in the Administrator Panel.

When you’re ready to send, click the Activate Now button in the Administrator Panel.

Add the hostess as “In” immediately after activation.