Create an Account on Whoozin

After the Hostess makes her chosen tee time arrangements, the invitation to play will be sent to all members on the casual play list using Whoozin.  Questions? Contact LaLani Rapp.

The Coordinator will set up an account for the casual play group in and import the casual play contact list. The Coordinator (account holder) will be the one sending the invitation.

1. Click on the Create Your Event button.
2. Choose Group Event.
3. Give your Group a name such as “Friday 18-Hole” and then choose Sports as the category.
4. Create Group Event:

  1. Event Name is the Group Name plus the Golf Course (i.e. Friday 18-Hole at Boundary Oak).  This description plus the date and time will be the email subject line.
  2. Date
  3. First tee time goes in the “at” field and the second tee time goes in the “to” field.
  4. Your Name (Coordinator)
  5. Your personal email address (Coordinator)
5. Choose RSVP’s and Reservations.
6. Set Login Password (don’t pick the same password as your email provider).
7. Group Event Screen:

      Section 1Administrator Panel
Click on each item and reset the defaults. This only has to be done initially when the group is set up.

  • Invitations: Choose import contact information and then Member.  Copy and paste first name, last name and email columns from excel spreadsheet into blue import box field.
  • Guests:  Attendees cannot bring guests.
  • Everyone can view guest list and RSVP’s
  • Capacity:  For 2 tee times the capacity would be 8.
  • RSVP Custom Questions: none.
  • Permit RSVP of maybe: no
  • Registration Method: leave disabled
  • Set Reminders:
    • Set a reminder to be sent to those that have RSVP’d two days before the event.
    • Set a reminder to those that have not RSVP’d two days before the event.  This can be set after the initial invitation has been sent out.  Most of the time, sign-ups are full within a few days, so this reminder might not be necessary.
  • All members are entitled to RSVP: All members can RSVP at any time even if they are past the “Please RSVP by” date.
  • Recurring Event: no
  • Time Zone: Change to Pacific Standard Time.

    Section 2

  • Invitation list –  The names and email addresses are listed.  The email addresses are hidden to everyone except the Whoozin Organizers.

    Section 3

  • RSVP notification – Complete this area to be notified each time a member on the list RSVP’s (optional)

 Section 4 – Event Panel

  • When – add, “Please arrive at least 20 minutes before tee time”
  • Please RSVP by – two days before event
  • Where – Golf Course address, pro-shop phone number, yes to viewing a map
  • Host – Hostess Name with her email address
  • Custom Box – Use this feature to indicate the cost to walk and ride
  • Whoozin Organizers – Include the Hostess, Coordinator and Pat White.  Pat White will use the invitation information to post the event on the FWGA Ghin Events Calendar.
8. When you’re ready to see how it looks, click the Preview Event button in section 1.
9. When you’re ready to send, click the Activate Now button in section 1.
10. Add the hostess as “In” immediately after activation.

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