9-Hole Casual Play

9-Hole Casual Play

FWGA Member walking with pullcart on the golfcourse9-Hole casual play is offered one day per week and one day per weekend.

The volunteer hostess determines the golf course, day and time.

Members sign up for each group.   Members of each group are required to act as hostess twice each year.

The volunteer hostess will monitor sign-ups through Whoozin and will be the contact person for the event.  Please go to Hostess Duties for a more detailed description of duties.

As events are planned, they are added to the FWGA FWGA Casual Play button.

To be added to the email distribution list and volunteer as hostess for a specific group, please contact the Casual Play Coordinators:

9-Hole Weekday Casual Play Group, please contact Peg Keffer at Weekday9Hole@Gmail.com.
9-Hole Weekend Casual Play Group, please contact Nan Price at Weekend9Hole@Gmail.com.

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