FWGA Annual General Meeting Videocast

Welcome to the FWGA Annual General Meeting

Due to COVID19 restrictions, we are unable to get together in person for our Annual General Meeting to kick off the new year. Hopefully next year, we will be able to have a wonderful brunch, shop and listen to a motivational speaker. For now, we have prepared videos of the presentations we would have made in person. After reading the classifieds below, just click the button to start watching. The FWGA Annual General Meeting page with videos is on the website under the “Social” tab. Enjoy!

FWGA Classifieds

We need a volunteer that would like to pick out the clothes for the FWGA Online Apparel Store and can be the liason between Members and the FWGA Store. The Apparel Store has been set up and launched. LaLani will provide all technical support. Gone are the days of storing apparel inventory in your garage. Members just go to the online store and order all the FWGA apparel they want and have it shipped directly to their home. Contact any board member if you are interested in this position.

We also need a volunteer (or two) to take over the Address Book. It is currently set up in Word and comes with detailed instructions. LaLani will train and provide technical support. The address book is a very handy item for your golf bag. It helps us connect with each other. Contact any board member if you are interested in this position.

And last, Therese Johnson needs tournament coordinators for the Hiddenbrooke Tournament on September 19th. It’s a fun and easy gig! It’s a great way to learn how the mechanics of a tournament works. No prior experience needed. Contact Therese Johnson.

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