2021 Boundary Oak Tournament Results

We want to thank you for coming to play in our 5th 2021 FWGA Tournament, held at Boundary Oak Golf Course on Saturday, 7/17.

We had 22 brave women come to slash the course with their Hooks and Slices, Draws and Fades, cuts, putts, wifs (yes, Diane King in the sprinklers on #1) and ‘chip ins’.

There were a number of exciting “Shots of the day”, such as my long chip to within inches of the pin from Diane King; Terri Malatesta, Debbie Hellmann and Morgan Malone’s Chip Ins on #1, #12 and #10 respectively; long putts – the longest being Junko’s 65 ft; but the ultimate shot of the day belongs to Therese Johnson with her 98 ft fairway shot on #8 which never got off the ground but managed to dribble 98 ft, to 3 ft from the pin followed by a birdie.

Well done Ladies!

Once again, thanks for joining us for a great day of golf and we will see you next time – on the links!

Charlotte and Diane

Here is the breakdown of our day:

Winners for 4 Person 2 Low Net:

  Flight A 1st Place with a 131 Won the tie breaker!
Jen Shaull
Kathi Kling
Junko Nagatani
Masayo Jiang

  Flight A 2nd Place with a 131 Tied for first but lost the tie breaker.
Dee Tuohy
Pam Koch
Therese Johnson
Regina Ackerman

  Flight B 1st Place with a 125
Meg Walsh
Morgan Malone
Joyce Glatt
Blind draw

  Flight B 2nd Place with a 130
Liz Riddle
Terri Malatesta
Kay Middleton
Linda Dobbs

Low Gross: Jen Shaull with 86
Low Net: Therese Johnson with 67

Closest to the Pin # 12:
Low Index group – Therese Johnson 10 ft 1.5 in
High Index group – Kelly Leon 16 ft

Birdies: Therese Johnson, #3 and #8

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