July Newsletter

FWGA will produce a newsletter each month to keep all members updated on current and upcoming events. The newsletters will have their own page on the ForeWomenGolf.org website under the Club Resources tab.
Just click on the picture of the newsletter and the full pdf version will load.

Included in this Newsletter:

1. Message from the FWGA President
2. The NCGA Associate Club Championship
3. FWGA Tournament Survey (Click to complete the survey)
4. Casual Play Hostess Tips
5. Upcoming Events & Deadlines
6. Most Improved Golfer Report
7. Normal Casual Play Resumes
8. FWGA 2020 Tournament Schedule Update
9. Punchbowl Tips
10. New Instructional Videos
11. Information about Punchbowl (Watch the Punchbowl Account Set-Up Video)
12. SupHer Power Golf Online Coaching

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