Pandemic Posting

During this crazy time of golf with COVID-19 restrictions, we have special rules to follow that will allow us to post our scores:

  1. Since there are no rakes, all sand traps are treated as “Ground Under Repair”. Since the entire sand trap is considered “ground under repair”, just remove it from the bunker (no closer to the hole) and continue play. No penalty.
  2. Since we can’t “hole out”, use the “Most Likely Score” guidelines to estimate the number of strokes to complete the hole. See table below:

One Comment on “Pandemic Posting

  1. I have continued to play during this time and find that almost all courses you can putt your ball into the cup it is just elevated so it doesn’t go down. Are these new ncga recommendations?

    May 1, 2020

    Ask the NCGA Expert: Yes, You Can Post Your Scores During Pandemic
    Some courses in Northern California never closed. Others in the region began re-opening a few weeks ago. More, including NCGA member courses Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge, are on their way to re-opening for play.

    But what about your scores? Can you actually post even if the course you played used raised or manipulated cups as protection against the Covid-19 virus?

    In one word: Yes

    Back in March, the USGA acknowledged that some courses had set holes so that the hole liner remains an inch or two above the surface of the green while others have placed various objects into the hole or around the flagstick (such as foam pool noodles or plastic piping) so that a ball is unable to fall to the bottom.

    While in all of these instances, the ball is not holed per the Rules of Golf (Rule 3.3c), a round played under these conditions will result in an acceptable score for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines (see Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Handicapping).

    As the USGA further noted in a press release regarding the matter:

    “In these specific cases, provided guidance from health and governmental officials is being followed a temporary measure is in place within the United States to accept scores played under these conditions for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines, even though the player has not holed out. This temporary measure is now in effect within the United States until advised otherwise by the USGA.”

    So yes, you can post those scores! If you have any further questions, please contact NCGA Director of Handicapping and Course Rating Jim Cowan at

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