FWGA Tournament Weekend Results 9/14-9/15


Terri and I wanted to Thank everyone for attending the Seascape Tournament! It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect!! The course proved to be a challenge with a slope of 128, probably due to the putting. We played a new game called 5/2/2, an individual game instead of team since we only had 14 attendees. We scored our gross score on 5 of the Par 4’s, 2 was of the Par 5’s, and 2 of the Par 3’s that we pre-assigned on the score card. We then subtracted half our handicap to calculate our game score. Congratulations to the following winners of this new game:

1st place Matt O’Brien – 33
2nd place Alice Schultz – 37
3rd place Therese Johnson – 38
4th place Pam Koch – 42
(won card off back 9)
5th place Mindi Canner – 42

Low Gross was Matt O’Brien – 87
Low Net was Alice Schultz – 76

Closest to the pin # 8 Therese Johnson at 17’2”.
Closest to the pin #12 Alleen Hodgkin at 27’7”

Chip in – Ruta had an awesome chip in from a bunker that went past the hole then rolled back and went into the hole. What a shot!

Thank you all for a great tournament!!

Therese & Terri

Pajaro Valley

Our second day of FWGA’s Invitational Tournaments was at Pajaro Valley Golf Club. There was quite a welcomed change in temperature as well as course terrain. Some players likened the course to being in the Old West, blazing the trails. We played An Odd Game where each player’s net score on all the odd holes was his or her game score – lowest net score won. Congratulations to the following trail blazin’ winners:
1st Place Alice Schultz – 34
2nd Place Alleen Hodgkin – 35
(card off back 9 – 16)
3rd Place Terri Malatesta – 35
(card off back 9 – 19)
4th Place Sandi Prairie – 36
5th Place Dee Tuohy – 37
Closest to Hole #7 Alice Schultz at 23’
Closest to Hole #14 Dee Tuohy at 14”
Dee likes the sound of 14” better than 1’ 2” – quite a feat to get this uphill.
Wagon trains must have toppled trying to reach this hole!
Low Gross Liz Riddle – 94
Low Net Diane King – 71
Diane King
Ruta Rudisill
Mindi Canner
Dee Tuohy
Sharon Medairy with an EAGLE on hole 18 (par 4)
Sharon smacked that ball lying in the rough under the canopy of trees and landed to where we thought was in the greenside bunker. It wasn’t there. We searched up and down along the fairway rough. Nothing. We were puzzled. As she prepared to play another ball under penalty of one stroke, I putted out. Wow! “Sharon, your ball is in the cup!!” The wild west came alive!
Many thanks to our volunteers – Mindi with registration and Liz, Diane and Matt for scoring. Much appreciated.
Congratulations to each of you – the weekend was tremendous fun with so many memorable moments to share in the days to come. Thank you for playing the Invitationals and for making this such a fun event!

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