eClubhouse OUT! Member Planet IN!

The NCGA has decided to discontinue eClubhouse.

eClubhouse was the platform used to renew our FWGA membership and register for FWGA events. Basically a safe place to process our credit cards.

The NCGA has chosen Member Planet to replace eClubhouse. Our Member Planet account has been populated with all of our information from eClubhouse, except credit card information and passwords.

All members will receive an email in a few days from Member Planet requesting each of us to set a password. Just click “Update my Profile” and follow the on-screen instructions. Full instructions can be found on the website under the Member Planet tab.

Our email address is now our user name.

After the password has been set, login and verify your profile information and add credit card details.

If you have any problems setting your password, please do not hesitate to contact LaLani or Kay at

If you have registered for a tournament through eClubhouse, your registration has been recorded in Member Planet. Please do NOT register again.

The San Juan Oaks / Eagle Ridge away tournaments are the last tournaments that will be processed through eClubhouse. The deadline for this tournament weekend is April 7, 2019.

LaLani accidentally deleted all of the pairing requests that were in eClubhouse. If you made a pairing request in eClubhouse for Vintner’s, Hiddenbrooke, Indian Valley, Corica, Redwood or Metropolitan; please send pairing info including tournament name to

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