FWGA Member Spotlight – Meg Walsh

The FWGA Board would like to congratulate Meg Walsh for her 1st Place finish in the Golf Channel AM Tour at the Silverado Country Club. Please read Meg’s inspiring story:

“Hi to all my family and friends – today marks a tiny milestone for the Walsh/Malone household. On April 18, 2009 (3 days after tax season ended), I picked up my first golf club and had my first golf lesson.

Thousands of dollars (in golf lessons) later, thousands of hours (on the range and golf course) later, hours of tears, and several beers (over the thousands of hours) later, I find myself on the Golf Channel AM Tour (emphasis on “AM”ATEUR) for no less than 5 years, when I finish out my round today with a par and a birdie on the South Course at Silverado Country Club in Napa. In last weeks tourney, I finished last in my flight. This week, I finished first. OUR FIRST WIN in 5 years!!!!

No one does it alone. All you need is time, a _hitload of perseverance, a fitted set of clubs and the unwavering support of an unbelievably understanding spouse.”



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