FWGA Saddle Creek Tournament Results – April 22, 2018

Tournament Coordinators Recap:

April 22 was a beautiful day in Saddle Creek. the weather was perfect.
We had four teams of 13 players.
[net scores are low because of game we played]

Flight A winners were:
Della Gutierrez – 1st place net 51,
Dee Tuohy – 2nd place net 52,
Terri Malatesta – 3rd place net 54.

In flight B winners were:
Kelly Tague – 1st place net 54,
Betty McCabe – 2nd place net 59,
Sandy Prairie – 3rd place net 64.

Closest to the pin on number 4 was Terri Malatesta and number 11 Kelly Tague.

Low gross was April Kenyon with 88 and low net was Kelly Tague with 70.
Chip ins were Dee Tuohy.
Birdies were Della Gutierrez, Tami Waddell, Liz Riddle, Terri Malatesta and Dee Tuohy.

After the tournament we celebrated with tacos or taco salad before our return home. All those that participated last weekend at Saddle Creek and Greenhorn Creek had a lot of fun. We only wish more attended to enjoy all the festivities.
We would like to give one more shout out to Della, Liz and Diane for the fun party Saturday night…. delicious food, cocktails, and dessert!!!

The FWGA Board would like to thank Betty McCabe and Sally Panella for their volunteer time as Tournament Coordinators

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