FWGA 2018 Membership Renewal October 4th to December 31, 2017

FWGA Membership renewal for the 2018 membership year is now open.  Thank you to all the members that have already registered!

Please log-in to your eGolfer account and make any necessary changes to your credit card information, email addresses, etc. before starting the renewal process.  Please be sure to select FWGA from the Select an eClubhouse drop down menu and click the purple GO button.   This will ensure that you are renewing with your FWGA GHIN number.

Please go to the FWGA home page at http://www.forewomengolf.org and click on the green “Join or Renew Your Membership Button”.  This will take you directly to the Join or Renew membership screen.  All members must be logged-in to be able to renew.

On the Membership section of the renewal, please use the down arrow to pick the appropriate membership level, 2018 Membership Period – 2018 Membership Renewal before 12/31/2017 – $100.00

Directions are located on the FWGA website at https://forewomengolf.org/ghin-website-faqs.

If you are unable to log-in or are experiencing registration problems, please contact LaLani Rapp at lalanigrace@gmail.com as soon as possible.

All members are encouraged to renew their membership before 12/31/2017 for an annual fee of $100.

As required by the NCGA, all members must renew their membership by 12/31/2017.  After that date, members will lose access to their GHIN numbers and will be removed from all NCGA and FWGA correspondence lists. Late renewals will be required to re-apply with an additional $10 penalty imposed by the NCGA.