FWGA Callippe Tournament

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Closest to the Pin

The first 18 Hole tournament of the year was almost a rainout but 15 of the original 23 players ended up playing despite the rain. The tournament format was Ship, Captain and Crew which calculated the Low Net for 1 player on holes 1 – 6; holes 7 -12 were two Low Net Scores; holes 13 – 18 were 3 Low Net Scores for the team.

The 1st place team was Julie Campiotti, Terri Malatesta and Shirley Lin (with a blind draw added to their score).

2nd Place went to Tammy Waddell, Della Gutierrez, Carol Papke and Liz Riddle.

3rd Place went to Alice Hansen, Natalie Inouye, Marilyn Bestion and April Kenyon.

Closest to the #6 Hole pin for Flight A was Liz Riddle and Flight B was Carol Papke.

Even with the on and off rain dance, there were 4 Birdies for the day: Julie Campiotti, Marilyn Bestion, Shirley Lin and Alice Hansen.

Low Gross for the day was Julie Campiotti who shot an 88 (mind you, she hasn’t played in 6 months). Low Net was newcomer, Shirley Lin, who shot a 94 and has never had an established handicap so her handicap was reported as a 42. Obviously, she will be posting her scores going forward.

Thank you to Therese Johnson for Registration help and Tami Waddell for Scoring.

Thank you to the Tournament Coordinators; Terri Malatesta and Julie Campiotti.

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