Club Championship Guide

Club Champion and Players Champion

This year, FWGA will recognize two (2) tournament players for their excellence.

The Club Champion honors the best Low Gross golfer who not only plays exceptionally throughout the year but also wins the Gross match play tournament.

  • The Players Champion honors the best Net golfer who not only plays exceptionally throughout the year but also wins the Net match play tournament.
  • To compete for either of these titles players must be available to play in the Match Play Tournaments.  The top four in each field will compete.

Championship Tournament

  • Prior to the start of the first 18 hole tournament on April 8.   FWGA members will have the opportunity to declare their intentions to compete for either the Club Champion or Players Champion.
  • These 18 hole tournaments will be designated Championship Tournaments. However, all players are welcome to play in all tournaments.
  • Players deciding to play in the Club Championships must play in at least 3 of these tournaments.
  • A cumulative score of the 3 lowest scores (gross scores for Club Champion and net scores for Players Champion) will be used to gain spots in the Match Play Tournament.
  • The players with the four lowest cumulative scores in each division will move to the Match Play tournament.
  • Players in the running for Club Champion or Players Champion will have the option to play in the Championship Flight at each of the six tournaments where scores will be counted.
  • Ties at the end of the six tournaments for placement into the Match Play Tournament will be determined by: First, the lowest first posted score; Second, the lowest last posted score; Third, by the differential calculation.
  • A leaderboard will be posted at each tournament and online showing the scores of players participating in the Club Champion and Players Champion

The Qualifying Tournaments are:

April 8 – Callippe Preserve
May 21 – Poppy Ridge
June 10 – Canyon Lakes
July 15 – Boundary Oak
August 5 – Presidio
August 26 – Monarch Bay

Under Match Play Tournament
Dates completed by: September 17th
Final round – October 8

  • Players will still be able to pick one person to be in their foursome.

Match Play Tournament

Club Champion will be straight up match play with no “pops”.

Players Champion matches will be played by “spinning off the low” for handicapping.
This means if a 30 handicap plays a match against a 15 handicap, the person with the 15 handicap would get no strokes, and the person with the 30 handicap would get one stroke on the number 1 through 15 handicap holes.  Handicaps will be based on the current month index at the start of the competition.

The rounds of match play (gross and net) are scheduled as stated below:


Golf Course

Match Play Round


Completed by Sept 17

TBD between participants from approved list


1 vs 4

2 vs 3

Completed by Oct 8

TBD between participants from approved list


Winner of
1 vs 4

Winner of
2 vs 3

  • Rounds will be coordinated between participants and Club Championship Chair.
  • Compromise and flexibility in setting up these rounds between competitors is important.  Any problems in reaching an agreement should be brought to the Club Championship Chair.
  • Course for rounds will be mutually agreed upon between players among the courses listed above that are in the tournament schedule for this year.
  • Results from each round needs to be reported by winner to Club Championship Chair within 2 days of completion of round.
  • The Club Championship is a head to head match without additional players.  Foursomes may occur when two head to head competitions are grouped for a foursome or the course they are playing fills the foursome.

Rules for Match Play Tournament

Match Play:

Singles Match (Two Party).

Tie Breaker:

If tied at the end of 18 holes players will continue to Hole 1(unless directed to another hole by the golf course.) and continue to play until one player is declared a winner.
In net play “pops” continue to count.

Please contact Liz Riddle to register for the Club Championship and Player’s Championship.


Here are some questions you may have in regards to the change from our previous club champion format.

How do I know I am playing for the Club or Players Champion?
You will need to let the Club Championship Chair know that you would like to participate and in which category, prior to the first tournament of the season.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to participate?
No problem, just let the Club Championship Chair know.  BUT you may not decide to join later!  So go for it!  What do you have to lose?

How do I earn points?  There are no longer points.  Your gross or net score depending on which category you are competing is counted and added together for a cumulative score of your 3 best scores.

I like to play with my friends at tournaments and don’t want to play with the Championship Flight?  No problem.  You can be paired with one of your friends and still play for Club or Players championships

I can’t make all of the Tournaments? No problem.  You only have to turn in 3 scores.  If you play in 4 or 5 tournaments your 3 lowest scores will be used.

Please contact Liz Riddle to register for the Club Championship and Player’s Championship.

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