FWGA DeLaveaga Invitational Tournament September 24,2016

Great Day – Great Weather – Great Fun

The first of FWGA’s Invitational Tournaments was at DeLaveaga located in the beautiful hills of Santa Cruz. We must not be distracted by its beauty, though, as it was demanding of skill. However, each challenging hole (that is every hole) that DeLaveaga laid before us was seized by our confident FWGA players.

The game format was Odd and Even Match that had two person teams. Although everyone plays all eighteen holes, one player of each team scores gross on even holes while the other player scores gross on the odd holes. One-half of the combined course handicaps of each team is used to determine the net score of each twosome – lowest net team score wins.

Congratulations goes to winners:

Delvega5      Dela2
1st PlaceTerri Malatesta and Julie Campiotti – 712        nd Place April Kenyon + Blind Draw – 71                       

3rd Place  Liz Riddle and Kelly Tague – 72     4th Place  Ray & Deb Oretega (guests) – 75
Closest to Pin # 8 – April Kenyon at 5’ 2-1/2” Closest to Pin #11 – Terri Malatesta at 15’ 10-1/4”
Lowest Gross – Ray Ortega – 83 Lowest Net – Kelly Tague – 64
Birdies – Kelly, April, Julie and Kristina Ramos with 2 birdies!
Volunteers – Sarah Good (photos), Della Gutierrez (Scoring) and Mindi Canner (registration) – thank you all!
Another fun day of golf with FWGA, thanks to tournament chair, Alleen Hodgkin.

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