2016 Monarch Bay 18 Hole and 9 Hole Tournaments

The morning dawned cool and foggy.  Twenty-three FWGA golfers and 4 First Tee of the East Bay young ladies signed in, warmed up at the driving range before heading off to play 18 holes of golf close to 8:30 am on the Tony Lema course.  The selected format was four person, two best ball.  The 9 hole Marina Course tournament  started at 11:30 am with 16 players, four of which were young ladies from First Tee of East Bay. 

The starter warned us of the foxes on the 18 hole course who would take any opportunity to grab food from the unsuspecting player left out in the cart.  Sure enough, they were ready and waiting for us at several holes.  Although the wind off the estuary was fairly calm in the morning, it picked up by noon.  As a result, the back nine became more challenging than it already was!  The ladies on the 9 hole Marina course said they had smooth sailing during their round…

After the rounds, both the 9 hole and the 18 hole players crowded into the snack bar area awaiting the results.  Special thanks go to Liz Riddle and Terri Martell, our official scorers, who had double duty, calculating the scores for both tournaments. Yikes!
For the 18 hole tournament on the Tony Lema course:
1ST place went to Terri Malatesta, Kristina Ramos, Therese Johnson and Alice Hansen with a score of 131.
2nd place went to Marilyn Bestion, Kaydee Tu, Cheryl Ramirez and Kathi Kling with a score of 138.
Winners for the  9 hole tournament on the Marina course:
1st place was Joanne Larson, Jane Schmidt, Mary Beth Hodge, Carolyn Gelner with a score of 52.
2nd place was Pam Wilkes, Monique Bell, Leila Chambers, Courtney Scheingart with a score of 53.

Liz Riddle coordinated this year’s 9 hole/18 hole Combo score winners.  Blind draws made up the teams from the 9 hole/18 hole players to form another group of winners.  Thanks Liz, we know that wasn’t easy but lots of fun.  Great way  to meet new people.
1st place: Joanne Larson, Leta Maco, Therese Johnson, Myrese Jackson
2nd place: Monique Bell, Courtney Scheingart, Cheryl Ramirez, April Kenyon 

Chip-in Jar monies:  The 9 hole group collected $21.00 and the 18 hole group collected $42.00.   Kristina Ramos, Linda Dobb and Kathi Kling were awarded a sleeve of balls for their chip-ins on the 18 hole course.  No chip-ins by the players on the 9 hole Marina course.
18 Hole Results –The 18 hole tournament’s two closest to the pin holes were #4 and #10. Flight A players had to reach the green in one stroke. Flight B players were allowed two strokes to reach the green. Hole # 4 – no Flight A winners.  Flight B – Linda Dobb chipped in just inches from the hole!   Hole #10 – Flight A winner was Alleen Hodgkin at 9’2”;  Flight B was Cheryl Ramirez at 9”.  Great 2nd shot, Cheryl!
Lowest Gross (18 hole) April Kenyon with a score of 92. Lowest Net (18 hole) Therese Johnson with a score of 77.
9 Hole Results –The 9 hole tournament’s two closest to the pin holes were #4 and #7.  Hole # 4 winner was Courtney Scheingart – 40 feet.   Hole #7 winner was Kaylen Tu – 26 feet.
Lowest Gross (9 hole) Kaylen Tu with a score of 38.  Lowest Net (9 hole) Diane King with a score of 30.
Thanks to all of our volunteers, Cheryl Ramirez, tournament photographer,  Liz Riddle and Terri Martell.
To  our 9 hole Marina course Tournament Chair – Pam Wilkes  and 18 hole Tony Lema course Tournament co-chairs – LaLani Rapp and Kathi Kling, thanks for making this tournament a great success!

After all was said and done, it was a great day of golf! 
Looking forward to next month’s upcoming away tournaments!

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