2016 FWGA San Geronimo Tournament

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What a great day we had at San Geronimo on the 11th.  The weather was as beautiful as the course, but there were a few of us that wish we could have said that about our game!  It was fun course but there are a number of challenging holes that were definitely target golf.
The format was “Three Blind Mice”. Everyone played their own game and  th e team score was added up.  After the round, we asked the pro of the course to pick three holes they disliked the most.  We discarded those holes and them added up the team scores.
In 1st place was Liz Riddle, Cheryl Ramirez, Kelly Tague and Della Gutierrez.
Second place went to Ruta Rudisill, Carol Papke, and Therese Johnson.
Closest to the pin on #7 was Mindy Canner at 17’ 8”, but no one could make it on the green on hole #13.  It was a tough par 3 and we will remember not pick hole #13 next time!
On the birdie board with one, each was Mindy Canner, Therese Johnson, and Della Gutierrez.  Low net was Therese Johnson with a 71 and Gross was Liz Riddle with a 94.
Everyone had a great time and we want to especially thank Della for setting up a fun tournament.
Join us for our next tournament at the majestic Tilden Park on 6/26/16.  See you there.

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