Board members in attendance: Liz Riddle, Cheryl Ramirez, Alleen Hodgkin, Joanne Larson, Shelly Kopp, Denise Qualls, Pat Charles, Betty McCabe   Excused: Joan McCarthy, Sally Panella

  • The theme for this year’s annual on October 16 was voted on and approved.
  • New member mixer is set for Saturday, May 14th.  Breakfast at 9:00 – meet and greet.  Golf at 10:30 for those who are interested.
  • EGG’s have their first clinic and golf on April 10th – clinic on golf etiquette with April Kenyon. 9 holes at Dublin Ranch to follow.  Clinics are posted on the website and ready for members to sign up.
  • Eagle Vines on April 2 was a huge success.  We had 42 players, prizes were awarded and several giveaways in celebration of our 20th anniversary.  FWGA invitational tournament is April 30 and May 1 at Saddle Creek and Sequoia Woods – it is currently still open for registrations.  The Vintner’s 9 hole tournament had to be relocated as the course is aerating 3 days before the tournament.  Several locations are being looked into.
  • Casual play is doing well.  Twilight is beginning the first week of April.
  • Communications is collecting historical data and will archive the information so FWGA has the data available for the future.
  • FWGA discussed creating an updated “tear” sheet that could be posted at various clubs on their posters to recruit new members.
  • Charities has set a personal goal to raise $10,000 this year and is working on several ideas to raise funds for 2016.  First letters scheduled to go out in April.  Denise is looking for volunteers to help with the silent auction.
  • FWGA is still looking for a volunteer to run the Club and Players championships in 2016
  • Handicaps and Clinics have arranged all the clinics and posted them on the FWGA website.  There was an issue raised that some members were having a problem using their credit card to pay online.  Cheryl is going to check into this.
  • New software will be needed to create a 2017 budget.  FWGA Pay It Foreward program is bringing in a good amount of money for our charities. Joanne is tracking the donations and charity amounts.

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