Board members in attendance: Liz Riddle, Cheryl Ramirez, Alleen Hodgkin, Joanne Larson, Shelly Kopp, Denise
Qualls, Pat Charles, Sally Panella and Joan McCarthy.  Excused: Pat White and Betty McCabe

  • The General Meeting is on Saturday, March 5 at Las Positas Golf, Livermore.
  • The Annual Golf and Awards function has been booked and confirmed for October 16 at
    Dublin Ranch
  • Membership is 140 members as of January 31, 2016.
  • Our charities for 2016 were proposed and approved. They will be announced at the
    General Meeting.
  • EGG’s Kickoff brunch is scheduled for February 21st, hosted by Betty McCabe and Sally
  • EGG’s clinics are in process of being booked for the 2016 season.
  • All FWGA Tournaments are booked and entered in the GHIN website ready for sign ups.
  • The first tournament of the year will be a celebration of FWGA’s 20th Anniversary.  Past
    members and presidents are being invited to come join this event at Eagle Vines in Napa on April
  • Casual play is a little low due to all the rain and cold weather.
  • A postcard flyer will be mailed out this month with the first half of the season events.

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