2016 Board Elected

The results of the 2016 Board elections were announced in November.   With over half of the board leaving, some of the board and some past board members have volunteered to serve for one more year.  It  is through our members who volunteer their time that FWGA is able continue our casual play, tournaments, charity support and fun social events.   We would like to thank our out-going board members  Della,  Duayna, Wendy, Leta, and Judith, and April for their hard work and support these past two years.

 Liz Riddle  President
 Cheryl Ramirez  Communication/Membership
 Joanne Larson  Treasurer
 Shelly Kopp  Secretary
 Pat Charles  Events
 Pat White  Casual Play
 Betty Mc Cabe  Emerging Golf Group
 Sally Panella  Emerging Golf Group
 Denise Qualls  Charities
 Alleen Hodgkin  Tournaments
 Joan Mc Carthy  Handicap & Rules

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