Important Email Blast Update!

FWGA is updating it's email blast program effective February 1st.  This is how we send you email copies of new posts or important notices.   

In order to guarantee that you continue to receive all of our blasts, you will need to check and change your email provider's security setting.  Many of the email providers automatically block an email to you sent from a large batch email.  It is seen as spam and it never gets to you.

The email providers that we have determined are involved are Comcast, Gmail and Outlook (formerly Hotmail).  The following link to PDF instructions will help you make the change if you use one of those providers. 


We will send out a test email blast on February 1st.  Check your email for that message by February 2nd.

If you have any questions about the instructions or you do not receive the test email, please contact Cheryl Ramirez at this link Communications


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