By August 15th, the current NCGA log in page will no longer be available.  To use the calendar, post a score or for member roster, you will need to create a new profile to sign into the new NCGA page.   After that date, the old page will no longer be available and the new log in page will be used on our FWGA web page.

Use this link to go directly to CREATE A NEW PROFILE. 

Remember Do not Sign in.  Your old ID and password will not work. You will need your GHIN # to begin. If you want, you can now use your old ID and password, or create a new one.  Be sure to write it down for future use.

For printed instructions, use this link Download Creating-an-eGolfer-Account.

If you have tried to sign in and had an issue, contact Cheryl Ramirez at Communications.



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