2014 Rancho Solano Tournament


We had 17 players and the format was “Joker’s Wild”.  Each player picked at suit. With four players, one would be clubs, one would be hearts, etc.  Inside each hole was a taped card – if the card was a club, the person who matched would use their net score. Joker’s, we could take the best net score. What wonderful weather we had, but it was a bit breezy, but that only adds to the challenge!  We awarded the first and second place teams.

In  1st place with an incredible score of 66 was Wendy Ngoy, Carol Papke both 1st time tournament players! and Terri Martell. 
Second place with a score of 68 went to Pam Koch, Kelly Tague and Loraine Ward Theroux.  
 I think Terri Martell had a very blessed day because she also won the closest to the pin on BOTH #8 and #15, 4’6 “and 8’3” WOW!  Chip-In went to Della G., Wendy N. and Carol Papke…first time tournament player had 3, count ‘em, 3 Chip-In’s.
Low Gross went to April Kenyon who won against Charlene Hastings in a card-off with both scoring a 86, and Della Gutierrez won low net in a card off against Wendy Ngoy.
Please consider joining in on the fun for our next event on June 8, at Boundary Oaks. Registration closes on June 1st.  Look for the updated standings for the Club Championship and Players Champion on the website. 

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