2014 Saddle Creek Tournament

33 brave souls ignored the ominous weather reports and participated in our first away tournament  of the year at Saddle Creek.  For those of us who drove up Friday afternoon and evening, we did get to experience very heavy rain and an incredible lightning show.  But the weather passed through and we were dry for the tournament, even getting down to short sleeves by the afternoon.

We played a “Reverse Cha-Cha-Cha” to avoid needing 3 scores to get over the water on number 9. Our first place team of Liz Riddle, Sandy Gonzalez, Candy Sheldon and Ruta Rudisill scored a fantastic 115.Second place with a score of 123 went to Tina Higashi, Kathy Lee, Laura Sato and Elizabeth Morten. Third place at 124 went to Alice Schultz and Tim and Merideth Wieland.

We had two closest to the pin holes and #4 went to Deb Ortega at fifteen feet and #11 was won by Sarah Good at 11feet, 2 inches. Sandy Gonzalez won low net with a spectacular 65 and Laura Sato was runner up at 66. Pat Tuohy, Kelly Tague and Candy Sheldon were rewarded with a sleeve of balls for their chip-ins.

The birdie race is on with 2 birdies for Laura Sato and one each for Jan Moura, Tina Higashi, Liz Riddle, Terri Malatesta and Sarah Goode.

Our thanks go to Merideth Wieland for registration and Alice Schultz for the pictures. A very special thanks go to Liz Riddle, Sandy Gonzalez and Della Gutierrez who hosted the Saturday awards party and provided the fantastic food and drink.

Thanks to Dee Tuohy and Kay Middleton for a awsome day!

Don’t forget to view all of this events pictures on our Facebook page!

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