Announcing Emerging Golfers Group (EGG) 2014 Play Dates

The Emerging Golf Group is kicking of the 2014 casual play season.   Golf dates are now posted on the FWGA website.
Wende Weckbacher, EGG Coordinator, is looking for hostesses for the play dates. It is easy and a great way to meet other EGG’s.  If you are interested and new to being a hostess, please contact her and she walk you through the responsibilities.
In addition, some tentative weekday play dates have been included on the calendar, so if there is anyone that is interested in hosting the Wednesday weekday play, please contact Wende at Emerging Golfers Group. 
Upcomimg EGG clinics are being planned.  Dave DeLong at Boundary Oaks has offered to conduct some clinics for us for 4-8 people minimum. Mimi Johnson-Jacobs, Clinic Coordinator, will be working with Wende in setting up more clinics for the EGG’s in the future, so stay tuned!!!

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