2014 Annual Meeting Review

The first meeting of our 2014 season was a big success.  Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek provided us with a great breakfast which came after a shopping frenzy where members managed to get great GG Blues golf attire for the spring. Thanks to Kathy and Suzanne.  We had fun shopping!
Boardintro2Della Guterrez, Board President, kicked off a meeting about her vision for the upcoming year. The new board was introduced and each made a short presentation about their roles and responsibilities.
April Kenyon gave us an overview of the great work that First Tee of Oakland is doing with introducing golf and values to under served youth.  Remember this is our charity and provides us with an opportunity to share and volunteer our time.
Our guest speaker for the morning was one of our members, April Kenyon.  She gave an excellent presentation on “The Mental Game”.  Most of the time it is not our golf abilities that let us down but our negative thinking.  She asked how many of us take out an old ball to hit over water just in case we hit it in.  Well, just that one negative thought usually makes it come true.  So next time, think positive and remember no water balls – you won’t need them!!!
April’s presentation prepared over 40 members to play a great game of golf following the meeting.  It was a beautiful day for golfing and reconnecting with members.  We all look forward to golfing with friends and our upcoming tournaments.

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