NCGA 2014 Tournament ENTRY Time Line Calendar

Entry due                 Tourney name/type
March 7                    Spring Mixed Team Championship non-club
April 11                     Senior Net non-club
May 2                       Assoc Club 4 Ball Net
(April 2 FWGA)
May 23                     Assoc Club Championship
(April 23 FWGA)
June 27                    Parent /Child non-club
June 27                    Women’s Net Amateur non-club
July 18                     Assoc Club Senior 4 Ball Net
(June 18 FWGA)
Aug 8                       Assoc Club Net Amateur
(July 8 FWGA)
Oct 3                        NorCal Women’s 4 Ball non-club
Oct 3                        Mixed Team Championship non-club

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