Tournament Early Bird Rates

FWGA is bringing back Early Bird Rates for 6 tournaments in 2014!  When you sign up and pay 8 weeks before the tournament, you are eligible for the lower rate.  Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity!
                                                                                                                   Deadline date
Tournament date         Club                    Original pricing        Early Bird Rate   for eligibility
April 26                      Saddlecreek Golf       $95.30                      $80.30                      March 1
April 27                      Greenhorn Golf          $85.40                      $70.40                      March 2
June 18                     Bodega Harbour         $80.70                      $65.70                      May 23
Sept 13                     San Juan Oaks           $90.00                      $75                           July 19
Sept 14                     Nicklaus Club              $115.00                    $100                         July 20
Sept 15                     Poppy Hills                  $90.10                      $75.10                     July 21
Your tournament director –
Liz Riddle

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