Mare Island Tournament 2013 – The Legend of the Lone Ranger

On July 13th, FWGA tells the legend of the Lone
Ranger.  It started on a cool Saturday
morning at Mare Island golf course with 23 sharp shooters looking to fight and
win over injustice of the oldest course west of the Mississippi.

the Lone Ranger format, two scores per hole were added together for the team
score. Here’s the catch: One of those two scores must be from the Lone Ranger,
plus the lowest net score of the other three players on the team. 

day warmed up and the battle began.  Our
first place team shooting silver bullets with a score of 134 was:  Betty McCabe, Alleen Hodgkin, Piper Shaull
and Linda Dobb.  The second place team of
138 was:  Tami Waddell, Kay Middleton,
Shirley Walker and Sharon Greene.

had two flights for the following:

Gross, A flight:  April Kenyon – 84

Gross, B flight:  Denise Qualls – 101

Net, A flight:  Kristina Ramos – 70

Net, B flight:  Linda Dobb – 71

to the pin on 17:  Flight A – Tami
Waddell 8’11”, Flight B – Kay Middleton 9’5”

Birdies:  Liz Riddle-Holes 2 & 10, Piper
Shaull-Hole 6

In’s:  Alleen Hodgkin #11, Piper Shaull
#6, Shirley Walker #8

to everyone and thanks for coming out and playing!

thanks to Meridith Wieland and Della Gutierrez for volunteering to help with
registration and scoring.  Your federal
peace officer was Liz Riddle.

Silver and Away!  Who were those masked women anyway?

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