2012 Deer Ridge Tournament Launches Club Championship Match Play

It was a scorching hot day on August 12 at Deer Ridge in Brentwood, California as the FWGA ladies participated in the final Championship qualification round.  The format was a 2-person best ball.

Low Gross went to Julie Campiotti.

Low Net went to Suzanne Arroyo.

First Place Team:  Suzanne Arroyo and Kelly Tague

Second Place Team: Sandy Gonzalez and Liz Riddle

Closest to the Pin on #7 and #13 went Suzanne Arroyo

Birdies were earned by: Piper Shaull, Kristina Ramos, Terry Martell, Kelly Tague, Liz Riddle, Sandy Gonzalez and Julie Campiotti.

Chip In’s were earned by:  Jule Campiotti (2), Kelly Tague, Suzanne Arroyo, Terry Martell and Sandy Gonzalez.

The final four for both Club Champion and Players Champion were decided today.

Club Champion Final Four:  Michelle Ross, Julie Campiotti, Piper Shaull and Kristina Ramos.

Player Champion Final Four: Della Gutierrez, Sandy Gonzalez, Suzanne Arroyo and Dee Tuohy.

The first round of match play will be completed by September 2nd with the second round to be completed by September 26th.

The Birdie Board competition also continues as Kristina Ramos keeps her lead with 6 birdies, followed by Michelle Ross with 5, Julie Campiotti with 4, and Piper Shaull with 3 Bridies for the season.


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