FWGA: 2012 Emerging Golfers Sunday Play Date and Clinic

By Meg Walsh, FWGA Emerging Golfers Director

The EGG (Emerging Golfers Group) Sunday clinic was held at Pleasanton Golf Center on Sunday July 29, 2012.  Dave Fowler, PGA Professional went over the basics of chipping from 15 yards and 30 yards outside the green.  Participants then moved to the bunker, where Dave instructed everyone to place 2 to 4 inches of sand in between their clubhead and the ball in order to get the ball out of the sand!  Everyone made it out in no more than 2 swings!   The ladies followed the one hour clinic with 9-holes of play where they had an opportunity to implement their new skills and concepts on the course.

Please check the EGG Schedule for the next clinic or play date!


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