FWGA 2012 Mid-Summer Tournament (9 and 18 Hole Combined)

Las Positas 9 Hole Tournament

Tournament Directors: Joan McCarthy and Sue Derby

Saturday, July 14th, FWGA held it first ever Summer Joint Tournament. Nine enthusiastic
members played the 9 hole executive course and had a great time. This beautiful course,
though short on yardage is very long on challenge. Course management is the name of
the game!
The format was “Joker’s Wild”. Each player was assigned a card suit, i.e. spade, club,
etc. Each hole has a suit card placed at the tee box. At the end of play at each hole the
player who matches the suit is the team score for that hole. One hole has a Joker and is a
wild card so the players can choose whose score to use. The team with the lowest team
score is the winner. The winning team was Jill Martin-Smith; Cheryl Ramirez and Leta
Maco with a team score of 40.
We also had prizes for the two lowest numbers of putts. There was a three-way tie, each
player having 17 putts in 9 holes. After a card off the winners were Cheryl Ramirez and
Gail Romero.
Also for the first time, since we were joining the 18 hole group, there was a prize given
to the lowest score of one 9 hole team and one 18 hole team that were randomly grouped,
Gail Romero was the 9 hole winner.
The after party was great, with over 40 FWGA members gathering on the patio to
celebrate the day and the winners.
Several of the 9 hole players had never played in a tournament before, but I’m sure it
won’t be their last one.

Las Positas 18-Hole Tournament

Tournament Directors – Careen Carter, Tina Higashi, Kathy Lee

After a week of weather with days in the triple digits, 31 of us had a beautiful, sunny day in the 70’s with a slight breeze to keep us cool. The turn-out was great and we saw some fantastic scores with our individual stroke play format. In Flight A, our winners were: 1st place – Laura Sato, net 60; 2nd place – Piper Shaull, net 70; 3rd place – Michele Ross, net 71. In Flight B, 1st place – Liz Riddle, net 69; 2nd place – Pam Koch, net 74; 3rd place – Aileen Hodgkin, net 74. In Flight C, 1st place – Merideth “Pink” Wieland, net 69; 2nd place – Sandy Gonzalez, net 70; 3rd place – Chris Negus, net 78. Our other contests for the day included two Closest to the Pin holes, won by Tami Waddell and Piper Shaull; Longest Drive won by Piper Shaull (big winner of the day!) and Shortest Drive won by Daphne Olson. There was a 9 hole event held concurrently, and we all enjoyed after-golf camaraderie on Beeb’s patio for awards and refreshments. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to make the day an overwhelming success!

Las Positas Photos for Blog Post

To see full size images and captions click here – PHOTOS


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