FWGA Leaderboard and Birdie Competition Heats Up

FWGA Leaderboard is heating up with only one Championship Tournament left in the schedule.  Currently leading the 2012 Club Championship

  1. Michelle Ross with 242 points
  2. Julie Campiotti with 262 points
  3. Piper Shaull with 264 points
  4. Charlene Hastings with 267 points

Leading the 2012 Players Championship

  1. Sandy Gonzalez with 212 points
  2. Della Gutierrez with 224 points
  3. Liz Riddle with 225 points
  4. Suzanne Arroyo with 227 points

The final Championship Tournament will be played on August 12th at Deer Ridge.  Deadline to sign up for the Deer Ridge Tournament is July 30th.


Birdie Board

FWGA has seen 17 players post an amazing 32 Birdies this tournament season.  Kristina Ramos and Michelle Ross currently lead the pack with 5 birdies each.  Click on the Birdie Board to see the entire list of “Birdie Babes”.


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