A Look to the Past!

 I can’ believe we are already through the end of June!  Golf Season is high speed and the board is actively planning for our Annual Tournament on October 21.  I hope you are getting your foursome together!  You won’t want to  miss out.  It is also the time that we start the process of planning for the next year including selecting Board of Directors members for 2013.  In looking back over the changes I have seen in my few years with FWGA, and changes that we see coming, I asked Judi Buti-Dunton to share her perspective as a past president and active FWGA member on the changes she had seen in FWGA.


FWGA is built on a foundation of change, focused on meeting the changing needs of our members.   I’ve seen much change since I joined FWGA in 2000 and was fortunate to be a part of many initiatives that advanced our association.  I’ve observed how each board faces different challenges, issues and expected outcomes.  In my opinion, this is the reason why FWGA is such a dynamic organization.  We are not afraid of change, of taking risk to improve our association.

W hen our membership statistics showed that our high handicap membership was on the rise, our Emerging Golfers Group ( EGG)  program was started.  The success of this program has been recognized by NCGA and the Northern California Women’s Summit, and emulated by other women’s groups.  When our members wanted a fun venue for competition, FWGA offered our own version of the Golf Channel’s The Big Break.  Our general meeting with coffee, coffee cake and a treasurer’s report developed into our present meeting filled with information about the upcoming year’s events and so many shopping opportunities.  A holiday get-together for a few FWGA friends grew into a fabulous fashion show and brunch with … more shopping opportunities.  And to reach out to the working women of our group, the TwiLite golf venue was developed –a favorite of mine!   Each one of these FWGA successes started as an idea, a challenge or a need for change.  The members of our FWGA Board of Directors took risks and found success.  We as FWGA members reap the benefit.

I ask you to join me in showing our appreciation and support to our present Board and our hard working volunteers.  Let us thank our volunteers for continuing the tradition of providing so many golf opportunities, listening to us as members, facing the challenges of our association, and taking risk to fore-ward FWGA.

–Judy Buti Dunton      2006-2007 FWGA President


I hope you will continue to enjoy FWGA and the opportunities it offers to play golf with other women.  And please feel free to get involved as a volunteer at any level.

Tami Waddell

FWGA President


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