Have you been to a Clinic?

This is the third clinic the FWGA group has had with Barry Brynjulsen and his “side kick”, Mattie, These clinics have been arranged by Claudia Motal, our clinic chair, to cover many of the aspects of golf from pitching and putting to sand traps and bunker play, to use of woods and various iron shots. These clinics are loaded with information of how to improve your golf game at a very reasonable price and should not be missed. They are held at the beautiful Blackhawk Country Club which has excellent facilities for working with all aspects of the game. Yesterday was our clinic on pitching and putting, a very important aspect of the game where many pointers were emphasized of how to lower your putting strokes, etc. There are several other clinics scheduled for the remainder of this season so check your calendars, and join us for a fun and informative “tutoring” session with Barry and Mattie!


Mattie instructing the pitching aspects to Linda Rothchild, Meredith Wieland, and Trudy Engeldinger


Barry demonstrating techniques of putting to Meredith Wieland and Linda Rothchild

To sign up for future clinics you can check the Clinics Page.  Links to the sign up pages are on the page.  Each clinic opens for registration 6 weeks prior to the clinic date and are non-refundable.

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