FWGA League Play

Did you realize FWGA organizes league play up to five days a week?  We have weekend/weekday 18 hole play and weekend/weekday 9 hole play.  Plus, we start twilight play on Wednesday, April 4th.  Come join in the fun, meet other members of the group and watch that index go lower and lower and lower . . .

What makes this program successful is your help in hostessing and organizing tee times.  As hostess, you get to decide where you want to play and at what time.  Please help out our coordinators and let them know when you can volunteer for this very important activity.  Our dedicated coordinators are in touch with you weekly so look for emails from Pat White (18 hole weekday), Terri Malatesta (18 hole weekend), Joanne Larson (9 hole weekend), Frances Fischer (9-hole weekday) and Jill Martin-Smith (Twilight).

If you are not receiving emails from these ladies contact me at kclancy@futureplanning.com and let me know what type of play you are interested in.  The website calendar lists all of the activities as well.  When you find yourself with a day free, or want to mix it up with a different group, all the information you need is on the website.  As a reminder, please contact the hostess ahead of time to ensure enough there is a spot for you on the day of play.


Happy golfing!

Kathleen Clancy

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